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Univerciné russe ° An Interview with Natalia Perchina

Écrit par sur 4 mars 2019



Last week, film festival Univerciné russe showcased the diversity and brilliance of Russian film, spanning six days at the cinema Katorza here in Nantes. Late on Friday night, as fantasy thriller Dead Starlings was due to be screened for the first time in France, Liv Cowle spoke with the director, Natalia Perchina, for the ins and outs of the film.

Centred around well-known Russian folklore, the film follows two men through deep forest as they embark on a fishing trip they hope will give them a much-needed break. As they seek shelter in an old secluded cabin, the men quickly encounter the forces of Kikimora, a spirit of the forest whose wicked intentions are soon made clear. The film is is racked with suspense, beautifully shot and frequently twists the boundaries between reality and the supernatural.

In this interview, Natalia gives insight into the spirits of the forest featured in Russian folklore, its cultural importance in modern Russia, and her view as a female writer/director on gender bias in the Russian film industry today. The film was nominated for the Prix de Public as part of the film festival, the results of which will be announced at the end of Univerciné italien, beginning the 12th March 2019. For more information, visit


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