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BERTRAND BELIN ° Live Session + Interview

Écrit par sur 8 mars 2019



This week, the Euradio Show had the immense pleasure and great honour to welcome Bertrand Belin onto the airwaves. A wildly talented composer, an exceptional vocalist; Bertrand Belin has, in the 14 years since the release of his eponymous debut album, made a definitive mark on the world and risen to eminence as a distinguished musician. 2019 has already seen the release of his sixth studio album, Persona, which was featured extensively on the Euradio Show as our European Album of the Week. It has also seen the publication of Belin’s newest novel, Grands carnivores. Indeed, Belin’s articulacy of emotion extends beyond song lyrics and into thought-provoking prose; his versatility of creativity duly earns him a reputation as a venerable artist of great prestige.

The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry talks to Bertrand Belin about his creative processes, and drills down into the subtleties of his artistic output. M. Belin also presents a live performance of two songs which feature on his most recent album: Sur le cul and Choses nouvelles.

Bertrand Belin will be performing live all across France, dipping into Switzerland and Belgium, over the next few months.
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