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Interview ° Ditz

Écrit par sur 11 mars 2019



Young, eccentric and loud, Ditz is a five-part band from Brighton, here to make some noise. With each member bringing his own varied taste in music, the band found common ground in a love for the 90s post-hardcore/noise-rock sound that eventually gave way to Ditz. Following a premier EP “EP1” (2016), the group are now teasing a debut album with recent singles “Seeking Arrangement” (2018) and “Gayboy” (2019), but as yet have not set a date for its release.

As part of an evening dedicated to the best of whacky British post-punk and alt-rock, Ditz played alongside Drahla and LICE at Stereolux here in Nantes. Before hitting the stage, drummer Jack and lead signer Cal sat with Liv Cowle to discuss their recent single, the growing support from their home town, and the wildest gig they ever played.

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