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Interview ° Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Écrit par sur 11 mars 2019



Three years after his previous release, tram-driver-turned-musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi returns with a knockout fifth album, Out of Touch (2018). While on tour in France, specifically in a supermarket to stock up on cheese, the Finnish singer spoke with Liv Cowle before heading back out on the road.

Seamlessly blending synth pop with folk, funk and other influences, Jaakko broke into the music scene in 2010 with a very promising debut, Modern Life. His subsequent albums were equally well received, bringing the unique and diverse sound of Helsinki across European borders and beyond. In 2016, his self-titled fourth album (2015) was shortlisted for the 6th Nordic Music Prize. His recent LP, Out of Touch (2018), was released in October 2018.

As part of his current European tour, Jaakko is playing Lille L’Aeronef this Sunday, 17th March 2019. For more information, visit his website here.

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