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Interview ° LICE

Écrit par sur 11 mars 2019



They don’t like labels and it’s clear to see why: quartet LICE from Bristol is hard to describe. Favouring rhythm over melody, their music crosses tangents of alternative noise-rock, post-punk and general madness, settling on a sound they like to call “art-punk” — it’s weird, it’s ironic, and it suits them perfectly. LICE released a double EP last year, titled “It All Worked out Great, Vols. 1 and 2” (2018), and are now working on a satirical debut album due to be recorded later this year.

As part of an evening dedicated to the best of whacky British post-punk and alt-rock, LICE played alongside Drahla and Ditz at Stereolux here in Nantes. Before hitting the stage, the band sat with Liv Cowle for an extensive chat about the encouragement and support they’ve received from IDLES, the mainstream music press and its “breeding of complacent, insipid, artless landfill”, and the new struggles of being a band outside university.

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