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Album of the week ° Live session and interview with Voyou

Écrit par sur 13 mars 2019



In a colourful record bursting with classic pop, Latin jazz and his signature trumpet, Voyou presents his debut album, “Les bruits de la ville” (2019). Originally from Lille, Voyou knew from a young age that music would be at the centre of any future career, and in 2018 released his premier EP, “On s’emmène avec toi”. The album — released just last month — showcases his wide range musically, with each track holding its own subtle individuality. From lively, complex tracks such as “Papillon” or “À nos jeunesses”, to the likes of “Il neige” in which his voice is backed only by a single piano, Voyou displays a talent and versatility that is second to none.

In preparation for an extensive tour of France, Voyou performed a live session here at Euradio. After playing three tracks from the album, he later spoke with Liv Cowle about creating music that transports you, saying goodbye to childhood, and snow days. For more information on the upcoming tour, click here.

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