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Karpov Not Kasparov ° Stereotrip Roumanie ° Interview

Écrit par sur 14 mars 2019



In 2017, Euradionantes selected Karpov Not Kasparov’s LP Soundtrack for a Game of Chess as its European Album of the Week. Two years hence, the Romanian duo of Val Borcos (left) and Eduard Gabia (right) are called upon by Euradio once again, this time to promote their appearance at Stereotrip Roumanie, a showcase of Romanian musical talent at Stereolux on 14th March.

The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry catches up with Val to discuss what the boys have been up to in the last two years, and to find out what an audience can expect from their concert — or, as they themselves call it, ‘chess game’ — in Nantes this week.

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