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Stereotrip Roumanie ° Interview with CORP

Écrit par sur 15 mars 2019



Last night, 14th March 2019, saw Stereolux Nantes transport its audience to the heart of Romania, in a night dedicated to the food, culture and music of this wonderful country. The main event, of course, was the trio of musical acts who took to the stage later in the evening: Golan, Karparov Not Kasparov and CORP. From house jazz to electronics, each group represented an aspect of the diverse and exciting Romanian music scene that has been slowly making its way across the national borders.

Before the big night, The Euradio Show welcomed CORP into the studio — a DJ collective that works to provide a platform in Bucharest promoting the work of female musicians, DJs, producers and technicians. In the interview, the group (compiled of Admina, Beatrice, Cosima and Chlorys) spoke with Jon and Liv about their struggle for recognition as solo female DJs, their plans to open a studio, and the stigma around the LGBTQ+ community that still exists in Romania.

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