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Folk en Scènes ° Interview with Shake Shake Go

Écrit par sur 21 mars 2019



This weekend will see the 7th edition of Folk en Scènes, a celebration of folk music at venues in Trignac, Montoir-de-Bretagne and Besné, with concerts given by artists from all around the world within the folk genre. In the opening concert tomorrow night at Montoir-de-Bretagne, pop-rock quartet Shake Shake Go are due to hit the stage alongside blues group Gunwood. After a successful debut album “All In Time” (2016), Shake Shake Go took a slight shift in sound in their recent follow-up LP “Homesick” (2018), moving away from their originally folksy style into something much more energetic. 

Ahead of their performance in Montoir, Liv Cowle spoke with lead singer Poppy to find out more about where this change in direction came from, the influence her loved ones have had on their music, and the wildest stories from the band’s busking days.

Tickets are still available for the festival — for more information on tickets, simply click here.

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