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Sharing ° Interview with François Delarozière and Orange Blossom

Écrit par sur 26 mars 2019



In an innovative, powerful fusion of modern and tradition, Nantes’s Orange Blossom have teamed up with François Delarozière, the mastermind behind the world-famous Machines based here in Nantes. Their project “Sharing” was unveiled at La Carrière, Saint Herblain last weekend as Orange Blossom took to the stage with some new performers: two custom-designed machines. The result was magnificent — while the band delivered a colourful performance of world music, the lighting and movement of the machines worked in tandem to create a beautiful and emotive dance between man, music and mechanics.

After the show, Liv Cowle sat down with François Delarozière and Orange Blossom‘s Carlos Robles Arenas to discuss how the project came to be and how they found the experience of creating something so new. 

The show is on a short tour from the end of April, tickets not yet on sale. 

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