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Festival of the Week ° Les Femmes s’en mêlent

Écrit par sur 3 avril 2019



Promoting creativity, freedom and diversity, the main goal behind Les Femmes s’en mêlent is to showcase the independent women’s music scene. Going strong since 1997, the festival celebrates various genres of music made by creative women across the world, and were one of the first festivals to tour annually. In their 22nd edition, Les Femmes s’en mêlent returns to visit a total of 19 cities across France, Belgium and Switzerland, including 3 days in Paris from Thursday 4th til Saturday 6th April, before eventually finishing in Brest next Saturday (13th April). The festivities began in Rennes on March 21st, and have already hit Bordeaux, Le Havre and Dunkerque (among others) in the last 2 weeks.  

Stéphane Amiel, artistic director of the festival, spoke with Liv Cowle earlier this week to tell us more; in the interview above, they discuss women’s representation in the music industry, the importance of diversity, and what we can expect from Les Femmes s’en mêlent here in Nantes.

The festival continues tonight in Nantes as British acts Georgia and Sink Ya Teeth hit the stage alongside Portuguese artist Pongo for a night of afro-beats, electro-pop and good times. Tickets are still available but selling quickly — visit their website here for more details. 

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