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LES FEMMES S’EN MÊLENT ° Georgia ° Interview

Écrit par sur 4 avril 2019



Hours before her appearance onstage at Stéréolux in Nantes, performing alongside Norwich duo Sink Ya Teeth and Angolan-born Portuguese singer Pongo on the opening night of Les Femmes s’en mêlent, Georgia Barnes (known professionally as ‘Georgia’) speaks to The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry.

Georgia is a woman of many talents; her live sets feature an exquisite balance of heartfelt yet powerful vocals and polished mastery of the drum kit. And if you asked her to keep a football off the ground while playing, she could probably manage that too.

She looks back at her self-titled album, released in 2015, which first brought her to Nantes and into the spotlight. She reflects on the struggles of pursuing her own music, and what she learned in those taxing times. She articulates the process which led her to her unique sound. Passionate, driven, inspiring; Georgia’s flow of speech is halted only by the ringing of the telephone. Let that interruption tell a symbolic story — she’s in demand.

The recording of this interview is presented in two parts.

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