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Festival du cinéma espagnol ° Interview with Aida Folch

Écrit par sur 8 avril 2019



In its 29th edition, Festival du cinéma espagnol returned to Nantes for 12 days packed with the greatest films in Spanish cinema from the last couple of years. Paying special tribute to the star Javier Bardem, and adding focuses on both the Basque language and the art of flamenco, this year’s festival has been a true explosion of culture, history and joy.

As the festival drew to a close, Liv Cowle spoke with Aida Folch, acclaimed Spanish actress and a member of this year’s Jules Verne Jury. In the interview above, Aida tells us what she has made of the festival this year, including the depth and importance of the 6 films shortlisted for the Jules Verne Prize for Best Film.

The film festival has now sadly finished, but information on the winning films can be found on their website here.

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