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Interview ° The Slow Sliders

Écrit par sur 17 avril 2019



Still basking in the success of their debut album “Glissade Tranquille” (2018), The Slow Sliders return to Nantes for INOUÏS Printemps de Bourges, representing Le Pays de la Loire alongside urban-pop group 54. Their sound is distinctively dreamy, their songs dripping with melancholic pop — “Glissade Tranquille” (2018) is a perfect example of the glorious alt-pop scene blossoming here in France.

Just 24 hours before their performance at the festival Le Printemps de Bourges, drummer Clovis spoke with The Euradio Show’s Liv Cowle to tell us more about the band’s recent activity. In the interview above Clovis talks about the album’s success, what they’ve been up to since their last visit in October, and reflects on the first time they ever played together as a band.

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