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Album of the Week ° Interview with Trumpets of Consciousness

Écrit par sur 18 avril 2019



Following the release of their eponymous debut in 2016, Trumpets of Consciousness have just released their second album, titled “Approximate” (2019). In playing to the broad diversity within the pop genre, its eclectic range of styles is what really makes this record sing — from the jazzy keys in opening track “C’était vraiment très intéressant” to the sweet, almost cinematic instrumentals behind the vocals of “Going to the Sea”, this album is a truly brilliant medley of the very best of French pop.

To tell us more about our chosen European Album of the Week, frontman and composer Thibauld Labey spoke with The Euradio Show’s Liv Cowle. Listen above as he discusses the pop scene here in France, the musical differences between the two albums, and explains that many of the songs were inspired by women.

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