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Lauter and Vincent Dupas ° Live Session and Interview

Écrit par sur 18 avril 2019



To celebrate the release of his brand new album, “Ten More Songs” (2019), The Euradio Show welcomed Lauter into the studio for the first time. Joined by Vincent Dupas, the pair performed three tracks from the folk album, which was released just last month, ten years after his second record “The Age of Reason” (2009). Following the live session, in their interview with Liv Cowle, Lauter explains that the album was actually recorded four years ago, before the birth of his twins. When asked why it wasn’t released til now, he simply smiled, shrugged, and said: “Now is the time”.

They also discuss the contrast between this album and his previous releases, namely with regards to the more prominent folk-rock/bluesy sounds in both “The Age of Reason” (2009) and “A Walk Will Take My Mind Off Things” (2005). Lauter explains how he and Vincent came to work together, and reveals that their session here at Euradio was only the 8th time they had ever played together.

The album is due to be performed by Lauter, Vincent and the other band members in Nantes tonight (18th April) at Chien Stupide, 19h. Tickets are available on the door — for more info visit the FB event here.

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