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Stereotrip Prague ° Interview with Lazer Viking

Écrit par sur 24 avril 2019



Last week in Nantes we were transported once again on a musical journey, this time to the rich and diverse music scene blossoming in the Czech Republic. Stereolux welcomed three Czech artists to play last Thursday (18th April) for Stereotrip Prague, an evening dedicated to promoting recent indie music from a country so rich in both history and culture. Opening the show was the post-rock/indie-folk sound of Cold Cold Nights, followed by pop-rock group Manon Meurt and closing with some good old-fashioned punk-rock from Lazer Viking.

With just hours to go before hitting the stage, Lazer Viking graciously featured as a guest on The Euradio Show. He spoke with Liv Cowle firstly about the Czech music scene and where it has gone in recent years, while also looking back on the music that emerged during the communist regime (1948—1989). They discuss the changing times with regards to online streaming versus rifling through record shops, and what he feels this shift has brought to bands from smaller countries. The interview finishes on a chat about his recent album “Drag” (2019), which is considerably calmer than his early works, and why he is performing solo at Stereotrip Prague, playing his first album “Radical Karaoke” (2015).

Lazer Viking is taking the new album on tour in the Czech Republic — for more details click here. Similarly, more information on Stereotrip Prague can be found here.




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