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L’Ère de Rien ° Interview with WIVES

Écrit par sur 29 avril 2019



With a line-up bursting with young artists, L’Ère de Rien returned this weekend for its eighth edition. Bringing a range of hip-hop, punk, R&B and indie-pop, this festival has quickly become one of Rezé’s spring highlights. Between its music line-up and the added focus on graphic arts, L’Ère de Rien offers a unique variety of styles and talents, welcoming artists from across the globe to this annual two-day celebration.

Closing Friday night was WIVES, a New York rock band hailing from Queens. Before performing, the group spoke with Jon Berry and Liv Cowle about their two new singles, “Waving Past Nirvana” (2019) and “Workin’” (2019), and about their upcoming European tour. For more info, visit their BandCamp here.   


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