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Les Métamorphoses ° Interview with Thomas Delamarre

Écrit par sur 30 avril 2019



Organised by Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Metamorphosis (Les Métamorphoses) promotes the diversity, creativity and talent of young artists from across Europe. Inviting works from 21 artists, representing 16 countries, the exhibition welcomes art in all its forms: from paint and sculpture to fashion and film, Les Métamorphoses is a true expression of young European identity. 

To find out more, Liv Cowle spoke with the head of the exhibition, Thomas Delamarre. He explains why the focus is on work created by the Millennial generation, what the artists will be representing, and what “Metamorphosis” refers to.

Metamorphosis (Les Métamorphoses) is running from Thursday 4th April — Sunday 16th June 2019, held at La Fondation Cartier in Paris. All information on tickets and opening times can be found here


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