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European Festival of the Week ° The Great Escape ° Interview with Adam Ryan

Écrit par sur 3 mai 2019



Perhaps one of the biggest and most exciting festivals in Europe for discovering new music, The Great Escape returns next weekend (9th—11th May 2019) to transform Brighton into a hotspot for emerging artists. Welcoming over 500 acts to 90 stages across the English city (three of which are custom-built on the beach), this festival hosts everything from grime and hip-hop to rock and new-wave jazz, completely authentic to the musicians who in total represent over 30 different countries. Alongside its core programme of emerging artists, The Great Escape hosts two additional Spotlight Shows in Brighton Dome, this year with new talents Lewis Capaldi, Kara Marni and Easy Life, and welcoming back big names FoalsBoniface and Blanaevon.

To celebrate The Great Escape‘s 2019 edition, The Euradio Show has selected it as European Festival of the Week. Ahead of the festival’s opening performances next week, organiser Adam Ryan spoke with Liv Cowle to give the full picture; listen above as he walks us through the festival and reflects on the experience of organising an event of this scale.

The Great Escape takes place across the city of Brighton from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th May 2019. For more details on the line-up, ticketing and venues, simply click here.


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