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European Album of the Week ° Interview with Bibio

Écrit par sur 13 mai 2019



Mixing classic and modern folk with experimental electronics, English producer and multi-instrumentalist Bibio explores musical boundaries in his latest album, “Ribbons” (2019). Originally from the West Midlands, Bibio released his debut album, “fi” in 2005, and has since played with sound in new and exciting ways, seamlessly flowing between ambient instrumentals and layered guitars and vocals. “Ribbons” (2019) is his ninth album, and is currently The Euradio Show’s European Album of the Week.

In celebration of the new release, Bibio spoke with Liv Cowle to tell us more about the album. Listen above to hear as he explains more about the album’s underlying tribute to nature, his progression in the last 14 years since his debut, and why we won’t find him on tour with this record.


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