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Tournée Europavox ° Interview with Paul Taylor

Écrit par sur 13 mai 2019



From the 2nd to the 11th May 2019, touring seven French cities, Europavox presents a selection of evenings mixing political debates, concerts and stand-up, completely free of charge. Organised in collaboration with le Bureau en France du Parlement européen and la Représentation en France de la Commission européenne, this tour encourages the (young) people of France to get involved in the upcoming European elections.

Included in the line-up was British comedian, Paul Taylor. Though British by nature, Paul grew up learning French and has lived in Paris for the last ten years, during which time the cultural and linguistic differences between France and the UK naturally made themselves clear. Paul soon embarked on a career in comedy, centering videos and stand-up sets around the everyday frustrations of a British expat living in France. He is best known for his TV series “What the Fuck France”, aired on Canal+ in 2016/2017, and his recent stand-up comedy show “#FRANGLAIS”.

To celebrate the diversity of la Tournée Europavox, Liv Cowle spoke with Paul to get a bigger picture. Listen above as they discuss his life-long affair with France, the craft of tailoring comedy to an international audience, and the depleting interest in Britain for learning a modern language, for which he gives us his best advice.

For more information on Paul and his comedy works, simply visit his website here.


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