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PAIN SURPRISES ° Elliot Diener (Petit Prince) ° Interview

Écrit par sur 14 mai 2019



Tuesday 14th May 2019 — Stereolux Nantes will host an evening dedicated to the Pain Surprises label: three concerts given by three artists on the label’s books. One of those will Petit Prince, the solo project of one of the label’s co-founders Elliot Diener; a project that started in his own room with minimal equipment. Enlightened by his arrival in Paris at the zenith of French Touch’s twenty-first century renaissance, Diener got to work and assembled his first EP Deux mille deux. This year, he released his third, Je vous embrasse, a musical carte postale which tenderly juxtaposes the peace and anxiety that travel can breed in the spirit. Ahead of his appearance at Stereolux alongside Miel de Montagne and UTO, Petit Prince speaks to The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry about finding his way in the creation of music, as well as recounting the story of the label.

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