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Europe Day: All for Two! ° Interview with Napoleon Gold

Écrit par sur 16 mai 2019



Celebrating Europe Day 2019, Liveurope and L’Aeronef Lille teamed up for a spectacular evening of independent music. Welcoming six artists from across Europe to perform on Friday 10th May 2019, Europe Day: All For Two! was an impressive display of the diverse and creative music landscape blossoming in Europe today. The Euradio Show broadcasted live from the venue just hours before the evening’s festivities, and welcomed each of the artists on air to for a quick chat with Liv Cowle. 

Our final guest was Antoine Honorez from electro duo Napoleon Gold, based in Luxembourg. Listen above as he discusses shifting Napoleon Gold from a solo project to a duo, their collaboration with artists including T-Pain and Cristobel and The Sea, and their upcoming record, “Sunset Motel”, which was largely inspired by his own insomnia. 


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