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Retour sur l’évènement: LOLLAPALOOZA PARIS 2019

Écrit par sur 24 juillet 2019

Lollapalooza Paris 2019

Perhaps one of the most exciting and diverse music festivals in Paris this summer, Lollapalooza Paris returned this weekend (21st-22nd July 2019) for its third magical edition. Welcoming dozens of music acts covering rock, pop, R&B, rap, house and everything in between, Hippodrome Longchamp was a place of pure joy as thousands gathered to see the big names hitting the stages.

On site across the weekend, Euradio’s Liv Cowle sought to capture the atmosphere of the festival, reporting back with a number of interviews, general audio and a huge case of the post-festival blues.

This was her first impression:

Les Festivaliers

With the diversity of the lineup came the diversity of its audience, both in terms of taste and nationality. Here’s what a few of them had to say on the festival, and on who they were most excited for over the weekend:

La Musique

The music was undoubtedly the highlight of the weekend, hosting a lineup that combined big French names like Roméo Elvis, L.E.J. and Jain with huge acts from across the world. From European acts including The 1975, MØ, Biffy Clyro and Shame to those such as Tash Sultana, Twenty One Pilots and The Strokes who hail from further afield, Lollapalooza Paris was an absolute hotspot for international acts both old and new.

Interview with Kovacs

Originally from The Netherlands, singer-songwriter Kovacs was the first to perform on Sunday afternoon. Despite the early slot, her performance was optimistic and powerful, and quickly gathered a crowd. Putting her own spin on 1930s soul, Kovacs has a voice like no other, and certainly opened Day 2 with a bang.

Following her set, Kovacs sat down with Liv for a post-performance low-down. In their interview below she speaks about her unique style, the reality of being a woman in the male-dominated festival industry, and her plans for the rest of the festival.


Alongside their four huge stages, Lolla Paris also provided a handful of smaller areas designed to accommodate for those waiting for the next big name to appear. DJs were dotted across the site playing chart hits, R&B floor-fillers and sometimes more obscure sounds, gathering little crowds that were still eager to dance between the main acts.

The Greenroom section was particularly intriguing: four wooden boxes, no bigger than a garden shed, each with a DJ inside playing a very distinct sound. From tropical jungle to deep house and London grime, each box was packed with its own mini rave. Here’s a taste of what was going on:

Lolla Planète

Lolla Planète reserved an entire section of the festival for an array of environmental associations, promoting awareness and sustainability over the weekend. Amidst the buzz of the music, it was more than encouraging to see such a constant flow of people stopping by the stands of WWF, Sea Shepherd and Pikpik Environnement and others.


Greenpeace was also present, informing people on the importance of ecological action and understanding. Fighting back against climate change and environmental degradation across the world, their appearance at Lollapalooza Paris was an important reminder of our responsibility.

Liv spoke with one of the volunteers about their work at the festival, the impacts a festival as huge as Lollapalooza might have on the environment, and how we could limit this.


Surfrider began in the United States in 1990. It started with a group of surfers appalled by the volume of pollution in our oceans, and now spans over 9 countries in a campaign for cleaner waters. Their European Foundation strives towards the protection of lakes, rivers, coasts and seas across Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Liv spoke with one of the members present at the festival, inquiring about the work they do and the effort made by Lollapalooza to ensure a sustainable future.

France Nature Environnement

France Nature Environnement (FNE) is the French federation for the protection of nature and the environment. In the face of our current ecological crisis, FNE strive towards adequate care for our environment, encouraging those in politics, press and the general public to act.

Liv spoke with those representing FNE at the festival, asking about the kind of laws they try to change, and how they were engaging people in their work at Lollapalooza.

Also present at Lolla Planète was the ‘Green Market’, selling second-hand clothing, vinyls and books from organisations such as Fishbrain, and a bar selling organic beers and wines.

Final words

All in all, it’s safe to Lollapalooza Paris 2019 was a huge success. The music was booming, the crowds were ecstatic, and the sun was more or less in constant attendance. For more information on the festival and its other editions across the world, visit their website here.

Thank you to all those involved in our coverage, and to the staff of Lollapalooza for having us. Here’s to Lolla 2020!

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