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Écrit par sur 30 juillet 2019

Festival Les Escales #28

26-28 July 2019

For 28 years, Festival Les Escales has bridged Saint-Nazaire with the rest of the world in a weekend of music, food and general festivities. Choosing a different city to focus on each year — this year being Sao Paolo, Brazil — the festival offers a multicultural experience that has become one of the most anticipated regional events of the summer. Offering lineup with big names from Sao Paolo and beyond, this year saw acts such as Jeanne Added, Franz Ferdinand, Sepultura, Hocus Pocus and Thylacine take to the stage across the three days.

To get a taste of the full experience, Euradio’s Summer Takeover broadcast live from the site on Friday 26th July, welcoming a range of artists onto the show to demonstrate the sheer variety of what was on offer.


Thylacine, a master of electronic music originally from Angers, was first on the show. Having not long released his second project, Roads — Vol. 1 (2019), he spoke to us about the thought process behind the LP, most of which came during his travels in Argentina. Listen above as he discusses the impact travel has on his music, and why he believes it to have such a powerful influence.


L_CIO was next on the show, the first of our Brazilian guests. Though his music presents an energetic sound of deep house, electronic and techno, L_CIO swears by live performances over DJ sets. In the interview above, L_CIO explains why this is so important to his work, and tells us about the electronic/club scene in Sao Paolo today.

Demonios da Garoa

Demonios da Garoa, another act from Sao Paolo, brought the glory and rhythm of samba to Les Escales. Etienne, the group’s manager, was keen to explain their fascinating story as a family band, and the role of samba in Brazil today. Listen above as he tells us about the band’s history, and their excitement to be performing here in France.

Teto Preto

Bold and unapologetic, punky electro group Teto Preto don’t hold back. The band, also from Sao Paolo, tackle LGBTQ+, political and misogynistic issues in many of their songs, accompanied by a stage presence that is unforgettably radical. In their stop by the show, the group explained the crisis facing Brazil at the moment, both politically and socially, and discussed using music as a means to fight back.

Michelle David and The Gospel Sessions

Hailing from uptown New York, Michelle David graced both the festival and the show with her joyous and positive character. Alongside The Gospel Sessions, from The Netherlands, Michelle brought their fusion of gospel, soul and funk to Saint-Nazaire on Friday evening. In the interview above, the group lets us into the world of gospel and its critical role in many people’s lives, as well the ‘alter-ego’ Michelle feels she adopts on stage.


Brazilian rapper and musician Edgar was our final guest on Friday’s show. Touching on themes such as the world’s environmental crisis, Edgar’s music and visuals pushes boundaries in more ways than one. Listen above as he discusses performing outside Brazil and the relationship between sound and visuals in his work.

Thank you to all our wonderful guests for coming on the show, and to the team at Les Escales for having us. À la prochaine !

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