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Écrit par sur 23 septembre 2019


12 – 22 September 2019

For its 18th edition, Scopitone took over Nantes’ Ancien MiN, bringing life to its halls for one last time before its demolition in November. Each fridge and ‘cellule’ was transformed into a gallery which hosted art installations from Europe and beyond. 

As the sun set each evening, the venue was transformed into a vibrant music festival, with DJs taking to the stage. Electronic music, elaborate light shows, and rich musical variety drew the crowds. An enormous 33,500 visitors – including 2,396 school children – came to l’Ancien MiN to explore the event: the numbers say everything. 

Ensuring listeners didn’t miss a thing, Euradio broadcast live from Scopitone from the 17th-20th of September. Over the course of four two hour broadcasts, Bella Jewell and Katherine Wood interviewed 17 artists, DJs, and musicians from all over the world, exploring their inspiration and work. If you missed the live shows, keep reading for a flavour of Scopitone 2019, as well as all of our interviews.

Jean-Michel Dupas – Programmateur Musical

To kick off our first live show at Scopitone, we spoke to Jean-Michel Dupas, the Programmateur Musicale. Listen to the above interview to hear about Scopitone’s journey from humble beginnings to its 18th edition this year, as well as the choice of l’Ancien Min as the 2019 venue, just ahead of its demolition later this year. 

Julien Bayle

Next up was Julien Bayle, an artist behind two events at the festival; the installation, STRUCTURE.WORKSHOP.INSTALLATION and the performance, Structure.Live. In his work, he always aims to represent different realities through capturing movement. Check out the interview to find out more. 

Tom Leclerc

From visual arts we then entered the world of music, speaking to the young DJ and Physics student, Tom Leclerc. For this interview we switched to the ‘language of love’, talking to Leclerc in french about his latest EP, Greenhouse in Winter (2019), which he recorded in the greenhouse in Nantes’ Jardin des Plantes. Listen to the podcast above for more information.


Inspired by the world of video games, Amime (Emmanuel Visée) was the next musician we interviewed. Make sure to check out the podcast to hear about his album Zwandania (2018), and how the music works alongside animations by Adrien Thiot to create an imagined video game.

Nicolas Viande – SweatLodge

Nico Viande spoke to us about his work with SweatLodge, a famous club night created in 2005. The electro event takes place in a huge circus tent, with attendees dressing in fabulous costumes for a night of music and dancing. To find out more, listen to the interview above.

Alan D

Next up we spoke to the nantais DJ, Alan D, just ahead of his set in the Halle à Marée. Check out the interview to hear about his work with collectives like Paco Tyson, as well as the origins of his eclectic music style. 

Alex Augier

Alex Augier was our first interviewee on Thursday, ahead of his performance P(o)st. Augier described how his piece unites visual arts with sound to create a multimedia show for his audience. For more details about P(ost), check out the podcast.

Louise Sebes

Next on the show was Louise Sebes, chargée de production et diffusion for Collectif Coin. Sebes spoke to us about the Grenoble-based group, and its focus on digital arts and multidisciplinary performance. By checking out the podcast above, you can hear more about the Collective, including information about one of their artists, Maxime Houot, who performed at Scopitone. 


The American-English duo behind Sediments were the next to join us in the Halle à Marée. In the eye-opening interview, they described the fascinating concept behind their performance, which created sound with a collection of natural stones and pebbles. To find out about the science of their project, as well as how they came up with the unconventional idea, listen to the above podcast.

Line Katcho

We were transported to Quebec with our next guest, the Canadian artist Line Katcho. She spoke to us about her Scopitone performance, Immortelle, as well as her personal journey into the Electroacoustic genre. Listen to the above interview to find out more.


Just before their set, Androgyne kindly agreed to speak to us. The collective, who put on events at club Macadam, aims to create ‘la fête totale et décomplexée’, where people lose themself in dance. If the concept peaks your curiosity, check out the interview with Androgyne, you will hear more about how they ensure attendees forget their troubles for a night of total musical immersion.


Friday was our last day at Scopitone, and we kicked off the show by talking to the techno-punk duo, Kompromat. The french artists perform in german, and are influence in the pre-techno scene in Berlin, as well as the New Wave movement in Manchester. Listen to the podcast to find out more about the group and their performance.


Earsnail are a Chinese duo whose electronic sounds are inspired by their hometown, Beijing. Listen to the podcast to hear us discuss the differences in music culture between Europe and China, as well as Earsnail’s disdain for french food!


Fascinated by nature, Molecule’s music explores light, sound, and the senses. At Scopitone this year he performed Acousmatic 360°, a project in which listeners are plunged into darkness to heighten their auditory senses. Check out the above podcast to hear about Acousmatic 360°, as well as his educational workshop.

Sara Zinger

Sara Zinger was the next artist to speak to us, she described her frustration at stereotypes that box her in a certain genre, and how her first album, Go Back (2019), is a rejection of those pressures. Listen to the above podcast for more details about her performance.


We finished off our Scopitone adventure with OR’L, the programmer of PAN-PAN and Club Nuit events at le Lieu Unique. OR’L described his role at le Lieu Unique, as well as his own personal influences as a DJ. To hear more about his career, and performances in Dakar, Senegal, give this final podcast a listen.

Impressions from the Public

During the festival, thousands of school children came to l’Ancien MiN to discover the beauty of the digital arts. We spoke to some of the students to find out what they thought of Scopitone.

Image: Ars Electronica @ Flickr

One group gave their impressions of Alex Verhaest’s curious installation, Temps Mort.

Euradio is so grateful to all of our guests for giving up their time to speak to us, as well as Stereolux team who made it all possible. A la prochaine !

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