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Jean Jean ° Retour sur leur venue à Nantes

Écrit par sur 17 octobre 2019

Jean Jean are a French math rock trio from Paris. They recorded their first EP in 2010 and since then have been touring around Europe, performing in a number of obscure venues along the way, from an abandoned skatepark in Slovenia to an old bunker in Germany.

The three bearded and bespectacled men performed at Le Ferrailleur on Wednesday evening, an intimate rock music venue situated at the Hangar à Bananes on the edge of the Île de Nantes. Between arriving in Nantes and starting sound checks for their gig, Jean Jean took shelter from the rain in our studios.

Our two English speaking presenters, Bella Jewell and Katherine Wood, sat down with the group for a chat about how they name their lyrics-less tracks, what Math Rock actually means, and their ritual every time they arrive in a new hotel on tour.

Jean Jean will be performing in Lyon on Friday 18th October at Le Farmer.

They will also be in Lille on Tuesday 26th November at La Bulle.

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