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Génial au Japon ° Interview with Blandine Peis

Écrit par sur 18 octobre 2019

Following the release of their latest album, Imanust (2019) in September, the bordelais duo – Blandine Peis et d’Émeline Marceau (Roseland) – from Génial au Japon have embarked on their tour of France.

Despite their packed schedule, Blandine kindly gave up some of her time to speak to Bella Jewell. Check out the podcast below to hear about the duo’s journey from rock to electronic synth music, and where the curious name ‘Génial au Japon’ comes from.

The next stop in Génial au Japon’s tour of France is Bourges, where they will be performing at Les Folies Berruyères on the 25th October.

Génial au Japon, Blandine Peis and Émeline Marceau (Roseland)

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