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Culture Shock ° Portugal

Écrit par sur 22 octobre 2019

Culture Shock is a new series that we have launched on Euradio. Each week we take one European country and put it under the spotlight, looking at its musical and cultural outputs. Each day there are two instalments of the show; one looking at music, and the other at culture. To kick off Culture Shock for its first week, we chose Portugal, one of the oldest countries in Europe!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

For our first episode of the week, Bella Jewell examined the turbulent history of Portugal, and how the country came into being.

On Monday afternoon, it was time for some music. Katherine Wood explored the tradition of Fado music, a genre that can be traced back to the 1800s in Portugal.

Feeling hungry? On Tuesday morning Bella looked at the portuguese culinary scene.

Later on, Katherine’s episode of Culture Shock featured the music of the artist, Mariza.

Wednesday morning, and Bella tackled the subject of language, looking at the roots of Portuguese.

To spice up the afternoon, Katherine shone a light on portuguese Hip Hop – yes, it does exist!

It was carnival time on Thursday morning, as Bella investigated the flamboyant customs and festivals of Portugal.

Rock music was the next genre on the Culture Shock agenda, as Katherine explored the success of the style in Portugal.

For the final day of the week, Bella looked at the history of Azulejos in Portugal, the beautiful blue tiles which bring portuguese cities to life.

What better a way to celebrate a Friday afternoon than with a bit of Eurovision? Katherine examined the bittersweet relationship between Portugal and the music contest.

Image: all-free-photos

We hope that this first episode of Culture Shock peaked your curiosity, watch this space for our next edition, for which we will be travelling to Greece…

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