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Culture Shock – Italy

Écrit par sur 4 novembre 2019

Culture Shock is a new series that we have launched on Euradio. Each week we take one European country and put it under the spotlight, looking at its musical and cultural outputs. Each day there are two instalments of the show; one looking at music, and the other at culture. This week we decided to take a trip down to Italy to learn all about the country’s history as several independent nation’s and about how its music has evolved from classical opera to American-style hip hop.

Image: Wikipedia

In this week’s very first edition, Bella has a look at Italy’s long and complicated history from a group of independent nations to one united country.

Katherine goes back in time to discover the most famous genre of music to emerge from Italy: Opera.

We all love pizza and pasta, but are there other types of Italian food you haven’t tried yet?

Ever listened to the Italian Top 40 Chart? Learn all about the history of Italy’s pop music right here!

Ciao! Come stai? Join Bella to test out your knowledge of the Italian language.

Italians do love their jazz music! Find out more about how the genre arrived in Italy right here.

Every country has its strange and unusual traditions and customs – now’s your chance to discover those of Italy!

Did you know Italy had its very own progressive rock movement? Learn more about the history of Italian rock music with Katherine.

For our final day of Culture Shock, Bella tells us more about what Italy might be most famous for: Art.

Come and learn all about ‘Curly Head’ and the rest of Italy’s hip hop music scene!

Image: Fshoq! blog

Thanks for joining us on our trip to Italy this week! Don’t forget to come along again next week as we visit Denmark.

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