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Altin Gün Live at Stereolux

Écrit par sur 7 novembre 2019

The 6-piece band brought the traditional sounds of Turkish folk music with a psychedelic twist, to Nantes on November 5th.

Part Turkish, part Dutch, Altin Gün (Golden Day in English) are an eclectic mix of musicians who struck as lucky as you can get when forming a band. In fact, Jasper Verhulst, bass player and enthusiast of 70’s Turkish folk music, put an ad on Facebook looking for fellow musicians. Along came Merve Dasdemir, vocalist, Daniel Smienk, on drums, Ben Rider on guitar, Erdinç Ecevit Yıldız on vocals and keys and Gino Groeneveld on percussion. The 6 auditioned together and clicked immediately.

Whilst luck may have played an important part, it also feels a little like destiny put this band together. No note is out of place, no sound is out of tune, their music is seamless – the band play so fluidly together it’s as if they’ve been playing together for twenty years, not two. As the band have been performing across the globe the past couple of years and sharpening their energetic sound through renowned live sessions such as KEXP, Altin Gün have been garnering fans far and wide, selling out massive venues and last night at Stereolux was no exception.

It was the second time the band have performed at the popular concert venue in Nantes, this time in it’s ‘maxi salle’. After performances from support acts Mikaell Peels and Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers, Altin Gün took to the stage around 10pm and they were worth the wait. An outset that was energetic from the first minute, they opened with Yolcu from their latest album ‘Gece’ – for non-Turkish speakers, this means night, in English.

Night being a time for dancing, grooving and letting your hair down, ‘Gece’ is the perfect soundtrack for doing just that. The songs are originally traditional Turkish folk songs but you would be right to think they were new songs entirely. Altin Gün add their own individual touch with elements of psychedelia, electro and groove that electrify the songs and turn them into something truly unique.

Altin Gün adds something fresh and exciting to the current musical landscape, songs that make you want to dance with the person next to you and be completely in the moment. Tracks ‘Kolbasti’ and ‘Süpürgesi Yoncadan’ provoked a rapt reaction across the entire room sending everyone into a synchronized dancing frenzy. At another point, lead vocalist Merve tries to teach the crowd a dance that “all the Turkish people will already know. It’s simple” she smiles, “put your hands up and click your fingers.” They launch into their ‘Çiçekler Ekiliyor’ from their 2018 album ‘On’, proving yet again that it’s impossible to keep still during any of their songs.

Though the music is undoubtedly what captures the audiences attention, it’s the bands attitude and personality that comes through in their performance. It’s hard to say whether the band know just how good they are, as they all play with such ease and effortlessness, completely blissed out, almost like playing is a type of meditation for them.

At the end of the show, fans could then queue up to have a chat with lead vocalist of Altin Gün, Merve, who was signing vinyls at the merch table.

Altin Gün’s schedule has been pretty busy, after opening a few shows for Tame Impala in October, they will be continuing their packed out European tour through France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Czech Republic before (hopefully!) getting a much deserved break at the end of the year. Grab a ticket asap, it’s a show not be missed.

Be sure to follow our Instagram for live updates of gigs and festivals we’ll be attending in the future and check out this article on Stereolux’s blog about books, films and music which inspire Altin Gün!

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