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Fresh out of the ‘beatzeria’ – an interview with Pizzagirl

Écrit par sur 8 novembre 2019

Photo © Neelam Khan Vela

Bella Jewell had the pleasure of speaking to Pizzagirl, one of the latest big talents to come out of the North-West of England. 

The Liverpool native has just released his debut album, First Timer, in October 2019, and it does not disappoint. Pizzagirl brings retro tunes, dollops of energy, and an appropriate amount of cheese, what else could we expect? Since the release, Pizzagirl has been storming the music scene, with First Timer being Jack Saunders’ Weekend Album for Radio 1’s Indie Show back in October. 

Pizzagirl is about to embark on his UK and EU tour, and will be coming to France on the 23rd November, where he will be performing at Le Pop-Up du Label in Paris.  

Check out the podcast to hear about Pizzagirl’s ‘alternative’ creative process, all based in his bedroom (the ‘beatzeria’), and how his quest to create fun and accessible music has resulted in the flamboyant, warm, and deeply lovable character that is Pizzagirl – Euradio’s favourite northerner to date.  

You can find all the tour dates, and details of where to buy the album on Pizzagirl’s whacky website:

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