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Culture Shock – Denmark

Écrit par sur 11 novembre 2019

Culture Shock is a new series that we have launched on Euradio. Each week we take one European country and put it under the spotlight, looking at its musical and cultural outputs. Each day there are two instalments of the show; one looking at music, and the other at culture. This week we chose to visit Denmark to learn more about how it became a unified kingdom and the influence that the monarchy had on Danish culture.

Image: Wikipedia

To kick off this week of Danish culture, Bella took us right back to the 8th century, when Denmark first became a unified kingdom.

Katherine sought out to discover what kind of influence the monarchy had on the history of Danish music.

Familiar with the Danish pastry? How about the open sandwich? Learn more about Danish cuisine right here!

Were you waiting for an opportunity to learn about all the biggest names in Danish pop music? Now is your chance!

Hej, hvordan går det? Bella tells us about all of the unique aspects of the Danish language.

Although we might usually associate it with the classical genre, Denmark has a fascinating history with jazz music.

Many of Denmark’s traditions and customs are influenced by religion. Discover what they do to celebrate John the Baptist!

Katherine tells us all about northern Europe’s biggest music event hosted right in the heart of Denmark – Roskilde Festival!

Hear the story of how one of Scandinavia’s greatest pieces of ancient art was discovered in Odsherred, Denmark.

For this week’s final edition of Culture Shock, listen to Katherine talk about one of the world’s oldest musical traditions – folk!


We hope you enjoyed this quick trip with us to Denmark! Be sure to tune again next week for our journey all the way to Belarus!

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