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Culture Shock – Malta

Écrit par sur 25 novembre 2019

Culture Shock is a new series that we have launched on Euradio. Each week we take one European country and put it under the spotlight, looking at its musical and cultural outputs. Each day there are two instalments of the show; one looking at music, and the other at culture. Sick of the grey weather here in France, we decided to take a trip to the sunny island country of Malta!

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To kick off this week’s first edition of Culture Shock, Bella tells us Malta’s history from a prehistoric civilisation to its independence in 1964.

Katherine takes us back in time to discover the different types of Maltese Għana, a type of traditional folk music.

Maltese cuisine is the result of a long relationship between the Islanders and the many civilisations who occupied the Maltese Islands over the centuries. Get a taste of it here!

Come and listen to Malta’s version of Europop!

Bongu! Titkellem maltin? Learn the ins and outs of the Maltese language here!

Fan of heavy metal or death metal music? Malta has it in abundance!

Malta has plenty unique suspicions and traditions… Bella tells us all about them here!

Every year Malta hosts its very own international jazz festival, Katherine walks us through the history of the festival and Malta’s relationship with jazz!

Clocks. We all use them. We all need them to keep up with our busy lives. Bella tells us all about what makes Maltese clocks so special.

For our final visit to Malta, Katherine takes us on a trip through the history of Maltese rock music.


We hope you enjoyed exploring Maltese culture with us. Join us next week to discover the beautiful landscape of Austria!

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