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A Domicile – Gaume

Écrit par sur 26 novembre 2019

Credit: Lucie Gash

In the build up to Nantes’ favourite live music festival, Culture Bar-Bars, Euradio welcomed the nantais artist, GAUME, to the studio. The folk-rock artist performed a couple of tracks from his latest album, Square One (2019), giving us a flavour of his smoky, and deeply emotive music. Listen to the above podcast to hear his live session.

Following his delicious performance, we had the opportunity to interview GAUME, a particularly special moment, given how his first interview in Nantes ten years ago was with Euradio.

Clearly this long special relationship between GAUME and Euradio gave way to an exclusive sneak peak into his upcoming work… He even let us in on a potential name for his next album!

Curiosity peaked? Check out the interview to find out more:

GAUME will be gracing the stage twice during the festival Culture Bar-Bars, 9pm on Wednesday at Chez Maurice, and then at 9:30pm on Thursday at Zygo Bar.

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