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Le Beau Label: Tricatel – Interview with Catastrophe

Écrit par sur 4 décembre 2019

Image: Catastrophe

CATASTROPHE IN THE STUDIO! Not to worry – everyone at Euradio is fine and well, it was in fact the creative collective, Catastrophe, who joined us for an interview ahead of their performance at Stereolux this evening.

We had the pleasure of speaking to two members of the collective, Pierre and Blandine – a Nantes native herself – about the project. Far from catastrophic, Catastrophe is a group of six creatives from all over l’Hexagone, who came together in Paris… The collective eventually filtered to 6 members, all dedicated to the shared philosophy ‘tout pourrait être autrement’ (everything could be otherwise).

A disc and a book later, Catastrophe have come to Nantes for their debut performance in the city, they will be on stage from 20:30pm at Stereolux, as part of Le Beau Label : Tricatel concert. 

Feeling curious? Check out the interview to find out more about this group of eccentric artists and musicians, and for an insight into their next project…  

Image: Lucie Gash

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