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A domicile – Teenage Bed x Fairy Tales in Yoghourt

Écrit par sur 9 décembre 2019

Today we hosted a rather unusual live session in the Euradio studio, we were lucky to be joined by not just one, but two artists! Benoît Guchet from Fairy Tales in Yoghourt, and Nathan Leproust, the artist behind the Teenage Bed project lit up the studio, playing a couple of beautifully chilled out tracks ahead of their concert tomorrow.

Following their performance, we had to shake ourselves out of our state of relaxation to get down to the nitty gritty; the interview. Benoît and Nathan’s mutual respect and close friendship shone through as they spoke of each other’s music, and how they accidentally made the same music video in Montreal.

Make sure to check out the podcast to hear about their upcoming projects, and keep an eye out for Teenage Bed’s latest single, ‘I was good with being alone’, which was only released 2 hours before our interview! We played it live, and it’ll be in our music programme soon; we’re calling it a ‘semi-exclusive’…

Teenage Bed and Fairy Tales in Yoghourt will be performing tomorrow at Lune Froide alongside Arianna Monteverdi at 7pm, tickets are ‘prix libre’.


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