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Day One: Les Transmusicales

Écrit par sur 10 décembre 2019

Welcome to Transmusicales, our retrospective on the festival

After a very early start on Thurday morning, Euradio arrived in Rennes for Les Transmusicales, a festival celebrating its 41 years of musical discovery. After arriving at Le Liberté, we waited in the Press Zone finalising the last details before kicking off the show at 4pm. If you weren’t at Transmusicales, the following article will give you a flavour of the festival, guiding you through our four hour show on Thursday.

‘The view from abroad’ : international journalists take on Transmusicales

Forty-one years after their very first event, the Transmusicales have become one of the most significant musical festivals in Europe. It is, therefore, no surprise that it attracts musicians, visitors but also journalists, radio and TV hosts from all over the world every year. Bearing that in mind, Euradio interviewed one foreign media representative each day of the Transmusicales live show to get their take on the festival and the music industry.

Kevin Cole, DJ and Chief Content Officer at KEXP

“At KEXP, we have to be different, and provide a music discovery that our listeners can’t get anywhere else”

To open the Trans 2019 on Euradio, Sarah Saltiel-Ragot and Katherine Wood had the pleasure of speaking with the radio DJ Kevin Cole. Kevin is the Chief Content Officer and Afternoon show host at KEXP, a radio based in Seattle, in the State of Washington, in the United States. Listen to our interview with Kevin Cole below.

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

David Bossan director and publisher at District 6

“L’intérêt d’être aux Trans pour un éditeur indépendant, c’est d’être à un des seuls festivals purement de découverte”

The Transmusicales festival has a rich cultural programme in addition to the incredible music line-up. David Bossan is a music editor, a little-known job to the general public which is why he took part in a conference along with four other editors. David Bossan was live with Katherine Wood and Sarah Saltiel-Ragot on Euradio. Check out his interview, in French, below.

Image: Katherine Wood for Euradio

Audrey Guerre & Juliette Olivares from Live-DMA

“Culture needs to be written somewhere in the new European Commission”

Our next guests on the show are regulars… You might have heard them over the airwaves on their show Live Style Europe. Audrey Guerre and Juliette Olivares both work for the Nantes based association Live-DMA, a european network of venues, clubs and festivals. They collect data all over the continent to create a common knowledge of the music business in Europe. Sarah Saltiel-Ragot met them in Nantes, just before they head out to  Rennes for their conference at the Transmusicales. Listen to their interview below.

Image: Live-DMA

Music Time: Euradio and Radio PRUN’ kick off their interviews

As the clock struck 5pm, it was time to wave goodbye to Sarah Saltiel-Ragot, and commence the shared broadcast with Radio PRUN’. The two hour segment was an opportunity to speak music with various artists performing at Transmusicales, as well as listening to a selection of the tunes on offer at the festival.


In a joint PRUN’-Euradio interview, we had the pleasure of speaking to Victor Gobbé, the artist behind the project Lesneu. The dream-pop artist joined us straight off the stage, having played at Transmusicales on Thursday afternoon, and morale was high! Victor spoke to us about his new album, Bonheur ou Tristesse which will be coming out on the 6th March next year. To find out more about the upcoming album, and how he filmed the surreal music video for the track, ‘Girls Night’, check out the podcast below. 

Image: Morgane Lecoeur for PRUN’ Radio


The Euradio team came together in the next interview, as Bella Jewell and Katherine Wood interviewed the american artist, Cochemea. He spoke about his colourful career working with kings and queens of the jazz and music scene, including Amy Winehouse, Antibalas, and Sharon Jones, as the anchor of her band, the Dap-Kings. His venture into the world of solo music was a fascinating topic of conversation, as we discussed how he fuses classical jazz together with his Native American musical heritage. Cochemea lit up the Parc Expo on Thursday night with a powerful performance of the album he released this year, All My Relations (2019), but to experience his passion, listen to our interview with the artist

Image: Morgane Lecoeur for PRUN’ Radio

Marina Satti

Marina Satti was the next artist to join us, bringing a powerful female voice to the lineup. PRUN’ interviewed the Greek artist with Euradio’s Katherine Wood translating the questions and responses. Marina Satti spoke about her mixed origins, and how she infuses both Greek and Sudanese influences into her music. She also spoke about her celebration of the female voice, and how it inspired her to create two all female choirs, one of which – Phonès – accompanies her on stage.

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio


If the bizarre and unusual are more your taste, then our interview with Mezerg will be right up your street! Mezerg is the multi talented artist behind the single ‘One Man Band’ which was released in November this year, and the name says it all; Mezerg plays a variety of self-made and curious instruments, including his ‘Piano Boom Boom’ and ‘Pianocktail’. If you want to hear from the legend himself, check out the podcast below, we cover everything from his experimental nature, to his rather unusual taste in socks… 

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Performance overview with Thomas Lagarrigue

Joining us each evening in the 7-8pm slot was Thomas Lagarrigue, the person responsible for artistic resources at Transmusicales. Each day, Thomas would speak to us about three of the artists performing after the show, bringing marvellous anecdotes and intense musical analysis, he really is a walking encyclopedia! On Thursday, it was Cochemea, Marina Satti, and Maverick Sabre under his spotlight. 


Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Marina Satti

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Maverick Sabre

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Thank you to the PRUN’ team Constance, Morgane, Jeanne, François, Bastien, Kévin, Khouhka and Glenn for all of their hard work!

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

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