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Friday at Transmusicales

Our second day at Transmusicales kicked off early in the morning, with Sarah Saltiel-Ragot preparing interviews for the show. Katherine Wood and Bella Jewell got off to a slightly slower start, having made the most of the rich variety of performances the night before… They were delighted to see Acido Pantera, a duo from Columbia whose music brings electric energy to the stage.

After the Latin American ‘Electro Cumbia’ performance of Acido Pantera, Cochemea was on the list. Euradio had interviewed him earlier on Thursday and couldn’t wait to see how the American artist blended jazz with his Native American origins, and on stage he did not disappoint!

But we couldn’t fondly reflect on the performances for too long, Friday meant a new lineup of interviews, and four hours more of radio. Check out the article and podcasts below for ‘That Friday Feeling’, as well as an insight into Transmusicales 2019.

‘The view from abroad’ : international journalists take on Transmusicales

Robbie Van Zoggel, independent Dutch journalist

“In 2015, there were Dutch artists scheduled so coming here made sense and I got hooked since.”

Second day and a fresh pair of eyes on Transmusicales. Dutch journalist Robbie Van Zoggel stopped by our show at Transmusicales. Robbie is now an independent journalist but has worked and still works regularly for the Dutch public broadcasting service 3voor12. Get his take on the Transmusicales just below.

Julien Deroo pour la campagne #IciCestCool

“Il y a une réelle libération de la parole. Les scandales ont fait bouger les lignes mais il faut continuer.”

Enjoying the music and the atmosphere… this is why most of us go to music festivals and concerts. Unfortunately, many cases of sexual harassment and even rapes have been reported during musical events these past few years. This has pushed the industry to start asking questions and taking action. Julien Deroo works for the Pôle de coopération pour les musiques actuelles, a professional network in the region Pays de la Loire in France. His organisation started the campaign #IciCestCool to raise awareness and educate festival staff on sexual harassment, homophobia, lesbophobia and racism. Julien Deroo came to our live show at Transmusicales to talk about this campaign. Here is his interview with Sarah Saltiel-Ragot & Bella Jewell.

Transmusicales exhibition : “Empreintes”

The “Rencontres & Débats” programme also includes exhibitions. Among them, “Empreintes”. The project was initiated by the association LADAPT. Their aim is to help people with disabilities or injuries in their everyday life and work. “Empreintes” displays photos and other art pieces created by a group of association members. We went to the Maison des Associations in Rennes to see the exhibit. Listen to our podcast below.

The Slash Programme by Trempolino

“Nowadays it’s not only about making great music but also knowing how to make your career work.”

Les Transmusicales are also an opportunity for emerging artists to make their mark in the music industry. Five young musicians from all over Europe were selected by Trempolino, an association based in Nantes, to follow the mentoring programme Slash. Two of them, Marta Cascales Alimbau and Martin Baltser stopped by our studio in Nantes with the programme coordinator Chloé Nataf just before they head out to Rennes. They showcased their music, talked about their experience et met with people from the music business at the Transmusicales. Here is Sarah Saltiel-Ragot’s interview with them.

We wave goodbye to Sarah Saltiel-Ragot, and say hello to Radio PRUN’ for the shared broadcast, and two hours of interviews…

From 5pm, we come together once again with Radio PRUN’ for some more musical fun. Find all of the interviews conducted by PRUN’ on their website.

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio


Euradio’s Katherine Wood joined Radio PRUN’ for this next interview, with the artist JAUNE. They discussed everything from JAUNE’s latest work, to his performance style, to the ‘moon like’ nature of his music. Check out the podcast below to hear more.

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Performance overview with Thomas Lagarrigue

New day, new instalment of Thomas Lagarrigue. The music maestro was back, joining us in the studio from 7pm for an hour of musical exploration. On friday he focused on three artists who were performing during the evening; Los Bitchos, Megative, and Go Go Machine Orchestra. 

Los Bitchos

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio


Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Go Go Machine Orchestra

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

As Friday drew to a close, we thanked our partner radio, PRUN’ for all their work, good morale, and translation – shout out to Glenn!

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