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Écrit par sur 12 décembre 2019

Last day at Transmusicales…

It is with heavy hearts that we arrived at our final day of Transmusicales 2019. Although the entire team was becoming rather tired by this point, we were excited for a busy day of interviews with artists and journalists. We also couldn’t wait to make the most of the last evening of the festival, with a fair few acts on our ‘must see’ list.

Acid Arab, the Parisian duo who bring Middle Eastern sounds to western audiences, provided a breathtaking performance, mixing electronic and acid tracks with gorgeous Arab songs. The enormous venue was packed, with hundreds of attendees dancing to their music, and marvelling at the elaborate light show.

Image: Bella Jewell

But before we could let our hair loose and enjoy the music, we had our final four hours of Transmusicales broadcast to do…

‘The view from abroad’ : international journalists take on Transmusicales

Julian Weber, German journalist at TAZ

“After the fall of the wall, what was unifying in the 1990’s in Germany was electronic music. It helped to install a peaceful party movement.”

Our last view on Transmusicales from abroad came from Germany. Julian Weber, journalist at the TAZ, an alternative newspaper, was with Sarah Saltiel-Ragot and Katherine Wood. Die TAZ often gets political in its columns so we discussed music and politics with Julian. Check out the podcast of the interview below.

Sophian Fanen, French journalist co-founder of the web media Les Jours

“La crise (de l’industrie musicale) survient alors qu’on était dans une bulle. On mettait des journalistes dans un jet privé pour écouter un album. Ça n’avait aucun sens !”

How did the music industry adapt to the new digital age ? If you read Sophian Fanen, the answer is with difficulty. The French journalist studied this revolution by interviewing around a hundred stakeholders in the music business to write Boulevard du Stream, published at Le castor astral (2017).  As we were immersed in live music, Sarah Saltiel-Ragot and Katherine Wood looked back on these evolutions with Sophian Fanen. Listen to their interview down below.

L’audiodescription arrive aux Trans

New technologies have not only revolutionised the music but also the audience’s experience. Transmusicales adapt more and more the festival so visitors with disabilities can also enjoy the music. Sarah Saltiel-Ragot looked at what was available this year to the new initiatives in place. Have a listen below.

Angélique Duchemin pour Agi-Son : difficile application des nouvelles normes sonores en concert

“Certains styles de musique font face à des restrictions dans leur expression artistique avec ce décret.”

France passed new legislation a year ago regulating the sound levels during concerts. A year later, music venues and festivals are having difficulties putting these regulations in place. Angélique Duchemin is the director of Agi-Son, and French association representing the music industry. Because of the strikes in France during the festival, she could not come to the debate she was supposed to attend but we called her to know more about these issues. Here is her interview. 

As the clock strikes 5, music is on our minds. Time for the final shared broadcast with Radio PRUN’!

Once again, we thank Sarah Saltiel-Ragot for her fantastic interviews as we move into the second segment of the programme, and we had a packed schedule of interviews ahead of us.

Acido Pantera

First on the show were a dynamic columbian duo called Acido Pantera, we had seen their performance on the Thursday night and were keen to learn more about their ‘electrocumbia’ music. Tune into the podcast to hear about their project, their hopes for their European tour, and how their music supports the anti-corruption movement in Columbia.  

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio


It wouldn’t be right to talk about Transmusicales without interviewing an artist from Rennes, and that’s exactly what we did with Wunderbar, a DJ who would be playing four ‘interplateau’ slots on saturday night. Give the interview a listen to hear about Wunderbar’s mixing process, and how she adapts herself to the artists she precedes on stage.

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio


We were transported to the colder climes of Russia with this next interview, it was the slightly forgetful artist, Pletnev. But his occasional inability to remember the names of his songs and where he has performed before didn’t detract from the interview, as we discussed his passion for spontaneity.

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

The final hour of Euradio at Transmusicales!

To celebrate our final day, the stars aligned and we managed to organise one more interview at Transmusicales. After spotting him in the press area, our Musical Programmer, Guilhem Baudry, managed to convince a HUGE Youtube star to come and speak to us…

Samuel Degasne 

That celebrity was Samuel Degasne, the Rolling Stone musical journalist, well known for his Youtube channel, ‘Une chanson, l’addition’, where he tells the stories of famous songs. Samuel, in his entrancing voice, spoke to us about how he created the show, and his future plans… For more information, listen to our interview, although unfortunately you won’t be able to see his energetic gesticulation!

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Performance overview with Thomas Lagarrigue

For a final time, we were joined by Thomas Lagarrigue, who gave us a run down of which artists to see on Saturday night…

NST and the Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

San Salvador

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

Acid Arab

Image: Lucie Gash for Euradio

See you next year!

As Saturday drew to a close, we officially finished our time at Transmusicales 2019. Euradio would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone at Transmusicales who arranged our interviews and made our time their so pleasant. We would also like to thank all of our guests; artists, journalists, activists, and youtubers for giving up their time to speak to us. Finally, thank you to Radio PRUN’ for another great shared broadcast at Transmusicales, we loved spending time with you!

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