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Culture Countdown – Music

Écrit par sur 20 décembre 2019

You might be familiar with our usual series Culture Shock, where each week we take one European country and put it under the spotlight, looking at its musical and cultural outputs. But, since we’re coming towards the end of the year and the end of the decade, we decided to mix things up a bit. And so was born Culture Countdown. Each day of the week we’ve revisited a year in the past, from 2010 all the way until the end of the decade, 2019. Here you’ll discover each episode made by Katherine, where she talks about the music that defined each year of the 2010s.

For Culture Countdown’s very first edition, Katherine takes us back to 2010, to the beginning of a decade that was defined by social media…

2011 was a great year for many artists, but we can all agree that it was the year of Adele.

Although when your mind goes back to 2012, you might think of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style‘, but it was also a successful year for artists in northern Europe.

2013 was the year that many of us in the UK were first introduced to Francophone music. Katherine tells us about Stromae’s second studio album, ‘Racine Carrée‘.

Christine and the Queens is a remarkable artist: she swaps between genres as quickly as she swaps between languages, and reinvents herself at every turn. In 2014, we heard her first record ‘Chaleur Humaine‘.

Halfway through the decade, artists all over Europe seized the opportunity to release some fantastic music, writing a new rulebook for the sound of the independent genre.

2016 introduced us to the new queens of indie music, Angel Olsen and Mitski.

With 2017 a little bit more fresh in our minds, you might remember that song that will continue to haunt us for years to come: ‘Despacito‘.

Although we’ve diverged a little bit from strictly European music in this series, 2018 gave us an opportunity to rediscover some very talented artists: Rosalía; Robyn; IDLES…

And we’ve reached the end of our decade. Katherine looks back on 2019 with fond memories and looks forward to the decade to come!

Image: Public Domain

Thank you for joining us on our retrospective trip through the last ten years. We can’t wait to be back again next year – for our very first edition of the decade, we’ll be visiting Poland!

Image: Katherine Wood

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