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Better to be a Drag or a Queen? : Cash & Culture

Écrit par sur 30 décembre 2019

Exploring the drag performance industry in Nantes

To open this year’s season of Cash and Culture, we tackle the very
underground subject of the drag performance industry. Drag artistes
are actors, actresses, make up artists, sometimes also dancers,
singers, fashion designers … all creating a truthful and complete
drag character. We met some of these drag characters at a recent
show in Nantes, and it appears that though the show itself is highly
professional, leading to tours and revues, at the very heart of drag
performing seems to be subversion, mockery and an outrageous
reversal of the existing showbusiness industry. So, are they two-
faced creatures, one drag face for subversion, and one queen face
‘in the spotlight’?

Produced by the students of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and the
Creative Economy (MECE) at Audencia School of Management

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