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Écrit par sur 7 janvier 2020

Despite being in the middle of a busy tour, Helmut of La Maison Tellier kindly gave up his time to speak to Bella Jewell about the group’s latest album.

La Maison Tellier released their sixth album, Primitifs Modernes (2019) in March last year, with the aim of shaking things up a bit. Unlike their other albums, this one was designed to be performed live, and captures the energy of their more upbeat tracks.

Helmut spoke to Bella about how the album takes the group back to their youth, and is their most “rock ‘n’ roll” disc to date. He also hinted at his future plans with ‘Animal Triste’, who will be performing throughout 2020, as well as his dream to finally write a book, one of those things “you need to do to become a man”, alongside planting a tree… apparently.

La Maison Tellier will be performing in Rochefort on the 10th January for the next stop on their tour, the rest of the dates can be found on their rather retro website.

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