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Culture Shock – Ireland

Écrit par sur 20 janvier 2020

Culture Shock is an exciting series that we have launched here at Euradio. Each week we take one European country and put it under the spotlight, looking at its musical and cultural outputs. Each day there are two installments of the show; one looking at music, and the other at culture. Katherine Wood and Bella Jewell greatly enjoyed this week, as we headed over to the Republic of Ireland, exploring its rich – and at times complicated – culture.

Image: Nate McClure @ Flickr

For episode one of the week, Bella had the enormous task of cutting Irish history down into an easy to understand four minute overview! It was a challenge more difficult than figuring out Brexit…

Katherine then spoke to us all about the traditional music of Ireland, examining the importance of instruments like the Irish fiddle, and Uilleann pipes.

This next episode might leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth. Bella recounts the history of Irish cuisine, reflecting on the tragedy of the Potato Famine, and the later success of Guinness, Ireland’s most famous beverage.

When you hear ‘Irish Folk’, does a certain red headed pop star come to mind? Katherine talks to us about how modern artists like Ed Sheeran have aided the revival of the Irish Folk genre.

Dia duit, fáilte romhat! No idea how to pronounce that? Us neither… In this episode of Culture Shock, Bella attempts to decode the Irish language, and looks to historical projects which have brought the language back from its slumber.

Katherine takes us back to Eurovision 2011 in this next episode… She talks to us about the peroxide blond duo, Jedward, whose popularity spread throughout the UK and abroad like wildfire. But Katherine doesn’t stop there, she takes us on a musical journey through the vibrant Irish pop scene.

Trinity College Dublin is the next stop on our tour of Ireland, it’s in the Old Library that you’ll find one of the most ancient and beautiful pieces of Irish Art; The Book of Kells. Bella will shine a light on the mysterious history of the document.

Katherine enlightens us about a rather different ‘British Invasion’ of Ireland; the Rock music epidemic taking over the UK and US. This Rock trend spread to Ireland, and gave birth to one of the most famous Irish Rock band, The Cranberries.

Once upon a time there was a podcast… Bella recounts a tale about Irish folklore, and its ancient storytelling tradition. If you’re easily spooked, don’t listen to this alone, changelings and banshees are on the agenda.

For this final episode of Irish Culture Shock, Katherine is teleporting us back to the 50s, to experience the Show Band phenomenon taking Ireland’s breath away.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s adventure through the awe-inspiring landscape of Ireland, from the birth of the Nation, to the modern pop music scene. Join us next week, as we head to Eastern Europe for our last Culture Shock of the season. See you in Hungary!

Image: Katherine Wood

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