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For its first edition, BISE festival kicked off at Stereolux and Trempolino on the 21st January. The festival, organised by the VADYM collective, puts emerging talent at its centre, giving a half an hour platform to each of the 19 acts performing.

Over the two day event, Euradio reported live, from 4pm – 5pm, and then 7pm – 8pm. Two days, four hours, 12 interviews; we welcomed artists from all over Europe to talk to us about their music, and what to expect from their performances at BISE. 

Image: Lucie Gash

We kicked off our first hour at the festival with a rather special interview, the french duo Global Network. Give the podcast below a listen to find out how the artists came together, and their vision for 2020. 

Image: Lucie Gash

Next we were delighted to speak to an artist from Nantes, Degree, whose career has skyrocketed since taking part in the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges in 2018. Listen to the interview to hear more about the release of his first single, ‘Memories’. 

Image: Lucie Gash

Jaïa Rose was the next artist to bring some glamour to the show. She told us all about her latest track, ‘1000MG’, where she sees herself in the RnB scene, and her love of fashion – having seen her gorgeous winter coat, she is certainly ‘on trend’! 

Image: Lucie Gash

After Simon Marty’s ‘Afterwork’ show we were back and ready for some more interviews. 

For our next artist, we explored the belgian music scene. Josephine spoke to us about her soul music influences, and how she incorporates everyday experiences into her lyrics. Check out the interview to find out more. 

Image: Lucie Gash

Back to France for our next interview, and we welcomed the nantais artist Lenparrot to the studio. He opened up about his feelings regarding his first live performance not as a DJ, which would be taking place later that evening. For more details, listen to the interview. 

Image: Lucie Gash

Our final interview of the day was with the Italian math rock group The Pier, and they definitely weren’t lacking in energy before their performance. Despite almost running out of chairs in the studio, the conversation was upbeat and full of interesting insights into their musical career. Listen to the podcast to hear all about how The Pier embrace their ‘unapologetically weird’ sounds. 

Image: Lucie Gash

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day at BISE festival, and we had even more interviews lined up for the afternoon.

Théophile, a musician from Angers, was the first in the studio on Wednesday afternoon, and we were excited to find out all about his music and breathtaking music videos. He spoke to us about the filming of his clip, ‘PARS’, and where he finds inspiration.

It was time for some shoe gazing next on the show, and we welcomed the musical duo and couple, It’s Sunday. Both dressed all in black, the Franco-American group spoke about their entry into the world of music together, and how they attempt to portray their intense love of one another despite their monochrome style. To find out more, listen to the full interview…

Image: Lucie Gash

Mauvais Oeil were the next duo to speak to us, and we were fascinated by their music-making process, the french duo described how they mix Arabic lyrics and oriental sounds into their tracks, creating music which reflects modern french society. 

The Latvian group, Carnival Youth, joined us next, and opened up about the fun they’ve been having since winning the European Border Breakers award at Eurosonic 2016. Listen to the podcast to find out all about their music, as well as their new year’s resolutions for 2020…

Image: Lucie Gash

Philémone was the next artist to speak to us. We discussed how she manages to bring endless energy on stage, as well as finding out a little bit more about her mysterious track that she will be releasing next month… Check out the podcast for the Euradio exclusive!

Image: Lucie Gash

Finally, we had the pleasure of speaking to one of the organisers behind BISE festival this year; Vivien Gouery from Yotanka Records. Vivien told us all about the process of putting the first edition of BISE festival together, as well as how the VADYM collective selected the artists who would be performing over the 2 days.

Image: Yotanka

We would like to extend a huge thanks to all the team at BISE festival who made our interview lineup possible, and to all the artists who gave up their time to speak to us. À la prochaine!

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