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Temples Live At Stereolux

Écrit par sur 10 mars 2020

Temples are a four-piece psychedelic rock band from Northamptonshire and are on their Hot Motion tour through Europe currently, one of the dates being in Nantes. They performed a sold-out show at the wonderful Stereolux last night. Euradio was lucky enough to attend and it did not disappoint.

3-piece UK based group (from Southampton to be precise) Mystic Peach opened the night and got the crowd perfectly warmed-up for what was to come. A brief but impactful intro to set the mood for Temples.

The show has already begun before Temples have even picked up their instruments. Lead guitarist/vocalist James Bagshaw is every inch the frontman in a burgundy suit, glitter on his cheekbones and jewels round his neck. Bassist Tom Warmsley sports black velvet flares and a classic shirt. Keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Adam Smith, a suit jacket and (more) flares and my favourite outfit of all from drummer Rens Ottnik, in a sparkly shirt, polka dot neckerchief and thick layers of eyeliner.

Each member with equally long and shaggy hair do’s, of course.

Fantastic flares and glitter aside, the night was all about the music! In particular, the band’s most recent album ‘Hot Motion‘ which came out last year in September. The band opened the set with the roaring and dynamic ‘The Howl‘ flowing into less recent but timeless track ‘Certainty‘, with every chord sending the audience into a meditative state where nothing else existed but the four walls around you.

All four members played confidently and effortlessly, throwing smiles and several ‘merci beaucoup’ and ‘ça va?’s to the crowd. They closed the set with ‘Holy Horses‘ shortly followed by their debut single and most notable track ‘Shelter Song‘, which sounds like the lovechild of The Beatles and Tame Impala.

Of course no concert is over without an eagerly anticipated encore at the end. The four appeared back on stage to a surge of whistling and woo’s from the crowd to play ‘Mesmerise‘ – which, performed live, is an almost 10 minute long track of wah wah guitar solos and transcendent psychedelic sounds.

If you yearn for those ‘bygone’ days of proper 70’s psych-rock then you need to grab a ticket to see Temples on their Hot Motion tour. Throughout the gig, the outside world could be forgotten and the crowd were transported back to the days of Led Zeppelin and T-Rex. I truly felt like i’d been put through a time machine once the band got on stage. Not only did I leave the gig elated and uplifted, but inspired to jazz up my wardrobe too.

Thank you to Stereolux for the invitation! For more information about Temples‘ tour dates, look here.

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Photos and article by our assistant music programmer, Lucie Gash

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