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Coronavirus : l’Afrique du Sud sous quarantaine

Écrit par sur 26 mars 2020

<< Everyone is restricted to their own household unless for essential services such as buying food or medical services. Certain lower class citizens who are less wealthy, they are exempt from certain portions of income tax. The more wealthy people pay a certain amount extra on their taxes in order to compensate for the low amount of tax paid from the lower class people. There is also a solidarity fund that has been set up for any sick person that you can donate to in order for that money to be redistributed into the accounts or towards the lower class people who will definitely feel the brunt of this virus. The less fortunate, poorer people are definitely going to feel the effects of this virus a lot more. Some of them don’t even have running water which is obviously a huge issue when it comes to such a contagious virus. We definitely do feel a bit safer being so removed from the chaos that is currently going on in Europe and particularly Italy. Two South African families who also own businesses have each decided to donate 1 billion Rand towards smaller businesses and protection of them in order to ensure that when the lockdown is complete, these businesses will be able to function and hopefully get South Africa’s economy back to where it was, because it has taken a huge hit and the Rand has weakened greatly. >>

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