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En cas de crise, les grandes initiatives ou les petits projets finiront-ils par faire la différence ?

Written by on 6 avril 2020

The UK’s national health service is struggling to provide enough scrubs – that’s to say, hospital gowns – to it’s frontline workers. Elliss Solomon, a fashion designer from North London, is trying to sew up the gaps:

“The project is called ‘Scrub Up’. We’ve created a simple pattern for a pair of scrubs, and instructions on how to make them at home. The idea behind it that it’s a morale boosting project as well as something where we can create uniform for people on the front line. Anyone can sew it; from a novice sewer, to someone who is more experienced and who wants to make multiples.”

Scrub Up launched just two days after the major fashion house Burberry announced that its trench coat factory in Yorkshire was being re-purposed to make gowns and masks for patients. Other fashion labels such as Dior in France and Armani in Italy have also begun manufacturing much needed supplies for hospitals.

Ellis, who’s fashion label normally tries to provide a sustainable alternative to these big brands, is nevertheless positive about their contribution: 

“I think it’s brilliant. If big companies have money and the facilities to make larger batches then I think that’s great. Obviously we can do all we can as people sitting at home, and everybody does want to help. But I guess what really needs to happen is bigger companies and governments need to provide funding on a bigger scale.”

However, after this time of crisis, will these companies learn how to better support the communities around them?

“I would hope so but I don’t know – I’m a sceptic. I hope that people will take this time and reflect on the way that things have been working, but I also know that businesses want to make money.”

So while big brands are playing a significant role during this crisis largely due to their manufacturing capacity, is it perhaps small grassroots initiatives across Europe, like Scrub Up, or its French equivalent Fais Une Blouse, that are really setting the tone?

Si vous êtes vous-même tenté par l’idée de coudre une blouse pour votre hôpital local, voici les liens utiles pour vous rediriger vers les initiatives mentionnées dans cet article :

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