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Trois médecins se défenestrent en Russie

Écrit par sur 13 mai 2020

Trois cas mystérieux de défenestration en Russie : deux médecins sont morts et un autre a été grièvement blessé après être tombé d’une fenêtre…  pendant la même semaine. Signalés comme des accidents, mais c’est plus que suspect pour Judy Twigg, professeur de science politique à l’Université Virginia Commonwealth.

“Putin’s high-profile political opponents do have a habit of falling out of fifth-story windows, “accidentally”, or encountering other “accidents” that lead to their severe illness or death. But with that being said, I don’t think that is what is happening here. There is no reasonable chain of events that would lead us to believe that somebody is systematically targeting doctors who are speaking out about the handling of this pandemic and pushing them out of windows. Much more likely is the stressors that doctors are experiencing around this pandemic. They just don’t have the resources they need to deal with the case loads that are being thrust upon them. Coupled with that, there is tremendous bureaucratic pressure on these doctors to perform, and produce results and minimize the bad news about this pandemic. And so, they’re being told just to make things happen in their facilities. I think, sadly, that it’s much more likely extreme psychological stress and possibly suicide.”

Cette semaine, un ventilateur a aussi pris feu dans un hôpital russe et tué cinq patients.

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